What life behind bars is really like for these celebs

Prison is never a walk in the park, but if you’re a celebrity who’s slipped up, you might just find yourself in a plush facility that inspired your favorite Netflix show. These white-collar prisons, affectionately dubbed Club Fed after the famed chain of resorts, have been home to plenty of stars who swapped out their country club memberships for some hard (okay, not that hard) time. But that’s just if you’re lucky.

For many celebrities, being incarcerated is a harrowing experience — even if you’re in one of America’s cushier joints. Disgraced stars such Jared Fogle and C-Murder have reportedly faced some extremely tough conditions, and other big shots, like Bill Cosby and DMX, seem to be cruising right through their time in the clink. From the oddly light-hearted anecdotes, like Anthony Weiner hoping for a pen pal, to the decidedly darker, like Phil Spector’s rapidly declining health, here’s what it’s really like to be a celebrity in the slammer.


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