Omarosa Releases Recordings About Trump Using N-Word

Omarosa Manigault was fired unceremoniously from 1600 STFU Avenue by Trump Chief-of-Staff Gen. John Kelly and now the bitter chickenheads are coming home to roost.

Ho-marosa is on a press run ahead of the release her new book entitled: Unhinged where she airs out all of Trump’s dirty laundry including the allegations that there are recordings of Trump using the n-word on the set of The Apprentice.

As you might imagine, Trump is offering lyin’ azz denial after lyin’ azz denial, however, there are receipts…

Look at Trump’s tap-dancin’ African-Americans Lynne Patton and Katrina Pierson trying to find ways to “spin” his use of the n-word. Soulless wenches.

Also, SMFH at this recording considering all the lies Omarosa previously told to protect her former massah…

In response to Omarosa’s claims, Trump has gone on a Twitter-fingery attack

“Dog”, huh? Sounds like a euphemism for “b***h” to us. Do you have any interest in defending Omarosa, a Black woman, against these attacks?

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