A1 Says Kimberly’s Just Jealous Because She Was BANNED From Radio

Lyrica And A1 Respond To Messy K. Michelle

Kiss the rings! It looks like married folks Lyrica Anderson and A1 aren’t here for K. Michelle calling out their relationship and their talent. On the LHHH premiere, K. called out Lyrica for being late to her show, and gave a laundry list of reasons why she needed to mature into a music professional. When she confronted Lyrica, Lyrica seemed blind-sighted.

Lyrica says K. asked HER to do the show, just 3 days before the date (not the other way around), and that she never sent an address. She also denies ever being late. Now here is the message K. posted about Lyrica, right after the show. She called her “friend” and says she her “girl” shut it down.

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