Singer Karen Wolfe, Known as “The Princess of Soul and Blues,”

Karen got her groove and after hearing her sing, executives from B & J Records now Coday Records signed Karen to her first record deal and her first release CD “First Time Out” in 2006. In 2009, is when the stars began to line up when she released the CD “A Woman Needs A Strong Man” which held the hits songs Southern Soul Party Mood and “Man Enough”. These two songs gave Karen global air play and the opportunity to travel and do countless live shows in numerous cities. “Man Enough” has also become a woman’s anthem for real women around the country and possibly around the world while Southern Soul Party Mood was loved all throughout the Line Dance community. Now she was rolling with the release of her single ballet “Stuttering” she had another national hit on her hand off the 2012 CD release “Telling It Like It Is.” Karen was an up and coming force.

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